Happy New Moon - Boxing Day!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas day! This year, Christmas was AMAZING for me... and I have a new appreciation for Christmas after reading the book "Anna the grandmother of Jesus"... Have you read it? It's given me new perspectives on Christ consciousness and the meaning of the stories in the Bible. So cool! I love learning wisdom from all spiritual paths. 

Also, I highly recommend Bali for Christmas... beach, coconuts, and abundance!

I wanted to thank all of those who sent me kind messages. I really appreciate it, and I am sending lots of love to you all! 















During this lovely Christmas dinner on the beach with my partner, we spoke about what we are bringing into the New Year! As it's the New Moon today, it's important to set your intentions! What are you taking forward into 2020? What do you want you to amplify in 2020? 
What areas of your life will you create more Abundance? 

Speaking of Abundance, are you ready to attract more abundance into your life for 2020?! Say YES!

You're in luck! I know all of the best tools and techniques for attracting abundance with ease, AND I've put them all into an easy online course... so you can get in on the abundance too!

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Let's set intentions together for 2020!
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