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Dr. Stanzie Langtree

Crystal Workshop: Unlock the Magic of Crystals to Empower Your Life

Crystal Workshop: Unlock the Magic of Crystals to Empower Your Life

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This online Crystal 101 workshop will teach you everything you need to know about crystals and how to utilize them to support your healing journey, to manifest, and raise the vibration of your home.

In this course, you will learn....

✨ How to use crystals for stress relief, protection, healing, and manifesting abundance.

✨ How to connect to the potent energies of crystals to supercharge your life.

✨ How to clear and program crystals to use them effectively.

✨ What kinds of crystals are best for you... how to pick the right ones based on energy and quality.

✨ How to use crystals to energize your home.

✨ What the various uses are for crystals that you might not know about.

✨ How to meditate with crystals for higher consciousness.

✨ How to create a crystal grid for your home and for full moon ceremony.


***This session will include a guided meditation to help you connect with the energy of crystals and to connect to higher realms of consciousness!***


💫 Whether you're taking your first step or expanding your crystal journey, this workshop is your gateway to a higher level of well-being, personal power, and spiritual growth.

🪄 Elevate your life with the radiant energy of crystals and start your transformation today!


Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the magic of crystals and level up your life!


- Event will be held on Zoom.

- 2 hours duration

- September 30th (31st in Australia)

Time zones:

  • USA: 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST
  • France + Spain  21:00
  • England + Portugal 20:00
  • NSW Australia 6:00am, QLD at 5:00am on *Sunday*
  • Dubai 23:00


There will be a Crystal Sale open to everyone an hour after the workshop. Contact us or Subscribe to my email list to get the zoom link! 

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