3 Keys to a Happy Holiday!

Isn't it funny how the holiday season is meant to be merry and bright... However, most people are at a peak of their stress levels during this time of year... buying gifts they can't afford, buying random gifts for people they don't know, going to parties out of obligation, and/or spending time with family that they never see any other time of the year.

Let's just say the holidays can be an energetic mess! Especially when mixed with too much alcohol and unhealthy food...

So here are my 3 Keys to staying sane... and most of all HAPPY during this holiday season...

1) LET GO... 
Don't hang onto old grudges, let go of the road rage from a traffic jam, and remember that most people are feeling stressed out right now! Give other people and yourself some compassion and let go easily...

2) BREATHE... 
Whenever feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed... just breathe... Take a moment to pause and breathe in 4 counts, hold 4 counts, and exhale 4 counts... Try it now?

3) CHOOSE...
Choose what you want to experience this holiday season... Instead of focusing on the old dramas of your past or the frustrations of the shopping mall... reframe your awareness to what you want to be feeling and experiencing. 

No person or external circumstance should be able to steal your joy, inner peace or happiness... When you lose your inner cool, then you know that you have given your power away to that external circumstance. What do you choose to feel this holiday season? I'd love to hear from you!

That said, I wish you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY!
Let's welcome 2020 with extraordinary intentions and high vibes! Say YES! :D 

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My Christmas gift to you! 

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