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Full Moon Solstice | June 21/22, 2024

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A Life Changing Experience...

  • "Truly, this is the best money I've ever spent... In just one session, I feel more grounded in my body than years of trauma therapy."

  • "I cried. I released. I aligned. Now I feel connected to my purpose, and I have certainty in what I am going to do."

  • "Dr. Stanzie is a pure incarnation of what she teaches... Full of joy, professional, and a lot of experience to channel energy for what you need."

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What is the Energetic Alignment?

It's a unique transmission of spiritual energy that activates your life-force energy. It's also known as a kundalini activation or kundalini awakening.

Upon this activation, spontaneous healing occurs - physically and emotionally.

Tension is released in your body, stuck energy starts to flow, and your body can self-heal.

Ultimately, it brings you back into balance, joy and harmony.

The session often causes spontaneous movements in your body, emotional release, and blissful states. Many people report having insights and profound realizations.

It's safe, natural and life-changing.

The most powerful experience I've ever had...

This is what participants usually say after they experience their first alignment. Participants often report that they have insights about their life path, visions of how to move forward, and experience a lot of energy.

They experience a reconnection to their higher self and have confidence to live their highest potential.

Whether you're already on a spiritual path or not, you've probably never had this kind of experience before…

The Alignment will give you an awakening experience that can change your life... Quickly and Easily.

While other methods take a lot of time.

What you will receive...

Multiple Transmissions of High Frequency Energy for healing, balance, and awakening.

Kundalini Activation for spiritual insights, chakra alignment and bliss.

Energy Flow Practices & Kriya to open your channels for more energy flow & vitality.

Clear Blocked Energy to breakthrough limiting patterns.

Direct Guidance and Individualized Energy Work from Dr. Stanzie.

✔ Guided Journaling process for self-discovery and clarity.

Intention setting - How to do it properly for your greatest benefit.

✔ A step by step process to Release Fear and Negative thoughts to be confident and clear about your next steps.

Heal Your Body with increased energy flow and alignment.

Breathwork to rewire your nervous system to release stress.

Mantras to activate a higher vibration of energy to elevate your energy state.

Manifest your Goals at an accelerated pace.

Connect with like-minded people and a supportive community.

Find Your Time Zone

WEST SESSION - June 21 - Friday


  • USA - 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 9am HST
  • EUR - France/Spain - 21:00, UK/Portugal - 20:00
  • AUS on June 22/Saturday - QLD/NSW - 5:00am

EAST SESSION - June 22 - Saturday


  • EUR - France/Spain - 6:00am, UK/Portugal - 5:00am
  • AUS - 2pm AEST, 12pm AWST
  • BALI - 11:00am
  • DUBAI - 8:00am 
  • INDIA - 9:30am
  • USA on June 21*/Friday - 9pm PST, 6pm HST


ZOOM - This is a live interactive session. There are no replays, as you need to be present for the experience.

This is an interactive experience that lasts 2.5 hours.

Allow for an extra 20-30 mins for integration afterwards.

Note that this session is non-refundable, and upon purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated here.

You will receive an email after registering with the information on how to prepare and the zoom link. If you don't see the email, check your spam folder.

Dr. Stanzie discovered spirituality in childhood and first explored the healing arts through yoga. She has studied, practiced and taught yoga for the past 20 years... including in India.

After studying university level of sciences for 8 years, she became a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters in Exercise Science. She opened a private chiropractic practice in Portland, Oregon, immediately after graduation in 2013.

While practicing chiropractic, she discovered her unique gift of Shaktipat (the ability to offer a transmission of spiritual energy) to assist people in spiritual awakening and spontaneous healing.

This is often referred to as a kundalini awakening, chakra alignment, or kundalini activation.

Due to worldwide demand, she left her private practice as a chiropractor to offer programs for spiritual healing and awakening.

She developed the Energetic Alignment, and since then, she has offered her modality worldwide and online.

She has been doing energy work for 11 years with thousands of people worldwide, and she has worked on many celebrities and leaders including, Tony Robbins & Dr. John DeMartini.

Dr. Stanzie's Credentials:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Masters in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master-E Network Spinal Chiropractor
  • Yoga Teacher for 18 years
  • Practicing Chiropractic & Energy Work for 11 years
  • Founder of the Energetic Alignment in 2017
  • Toured multiple times through the USA and globally including... NYC, Miami, L.A, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Mt. Shasta, Portland, Charlotte, Sedona, Connecticut, Australia, Peru, Fiji, Bali, Hawaii, Egypt, England, Portugal, France, Brazil, & India... and more!

Dr. Stanzie is also an accomplished musician. You can find her inspirational music on all music platforms. (Look for Stanzie on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.)

What people are saying...


Do I need prior experience?

You don't need any prior experience with energy work or healing. All levels of experience are welcome.

The only requirement is to come with an open mind and willingness to participate.

Will this session awaken my kundalini energy?

This is a common result of the Energetic Alignment... even with people who are new to energy work.

However, If your energy is really blocked, then it can take multiple sessions to have a full awakening experience.

What will happen after I register?

You will receive an email soon with details on how to prepare.

**Check your spam folder if you don't see the email.

If you still don't see it, then email

I have already experienced an Energetic Alignment before... Should I do another one?


The Energetic Alignments build on each other, and you will be able to go deeper into the process each time.

This means that you can make bigger shifts AND connect to more energy each time. The awakening experience is much stronger.

Most people report that their second alignment is much easier than the first session... with bigger results.

Why is this?

Most likely you have practiced unhealthy patterns for most of your life. Not to mention, the daily stressors of life.

Therefore, it can take time and repetition to rewire the old ingrained patterns.

In the first session, you have peeled away one layer, and you will be more open in your follow-up sessions.

People find it's easier to drop into the process and connect to more energy each time.

Regular Energetic Alignments are the best self-care routine.

Is there anyone who shouldn't do this session?

This session is generally not suitable for people who suffer from epilepsy, uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, detached retina, glaucoma, schizophrenia, psychosis, or aneurysm.

The process can be modified for those who are pregnant and for most of the conditions stated above.

Email if you have any concerns regarding these items or need modifications.