About Dr. Stanzie



Dr. Stanzie Langtree is an internationally renowned spiritual healer, speaker, musician and doctor. 

Dr. Stanzie discovered spirituality in childhood and first explored the healing arts through yoga. She has studied, practiced and taught yoga for the past 18 years... including in India.

After studying the sciences for 8 years, she became a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters in Exercise Science. She opened a private chiropractic practice in Portland, Oregon, immediately after graduation in 2013.

While practicing chiropractic, she discovered her unique gift of Shaktipat (the ability to offer a transmission of spiritual energy) to assist people in spiritual awakening and spontaneous healing.

This is often referred to as a kundalini awakening, chakra alignment, or kundalini activation.

Due to worldwide demand, she left her private practice as a chiropractor to offer programs for spiritual healing and awakening.

She developed the Energetic Alignment, and since then, she has offered her modality worldwide and online.

She has been doing energy work for 11 years with thousands of people, and she has worked on many celebrities and leaders across the globe, including Tony Robbins & Dr. John DeMartini.

Dr. Stanzie's Credentials:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Masters in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master-E Network Spinal Chiropractor
  • Yoga Teacher for 18 years
  • Practicing Chiropractic & Energy Work for 11 years
  • Founder of the Energetic Alignment in 2017
  • Toured multiple times through the USA and globally including... NYC, Miami, L.A, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Mt. Shasta, Portland, Charlotte, Sedona, Connecticut, Australia, Fiji, Bali, Hawaii, Egypt, England, Portugal, France, Brazil, & India... and more!


Dr. Stanzie is also an accomplished musician. You can find her inspirational music on all music platforms. (Look for Stanzie on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.)


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Dr. Stanzie at the Great Pyramids in Egypt leading a retreat on how to awaken your kundalini!



Life Story...

Dr. Stanzie grew up in Houston, Texas and was raised by her father, aunts, and family friends after her mother's death at age 7. She grew with challenging life circumstances, but she was determined to achieve in school and extracurriculars with very little support. She won many honors and awards in school, cheerleading, choir, drama, and swimming. After receiving many scholarships, she attended University of St. Thomas in Houston, and she graduated with a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

Her original life plan was to become a veterinarian, but she decided to become a chiropractor, even after being accepted into veterinary college (which is harder than medical school to be accepted into).

Her first experience of chiropractic was observing a horse receiving a chiropractic adjustment. As an equestrian, she was able to see how greatly the horses improved after each adjustment. Later, Stanzie received chiropractic care herself and felt the positive impact of this modality too. This led her to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Stanzie Langtree graduated from the University of Western States with a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Masters of Exercise and Sports Science, and she founded her practice, Langtree Studio, only 1 month after her graduation. Her practice became the top Network Spinal chiropractic practice in Portland, Oregon, and patients from all over the world would come to visit her at her office.

Dr. Stanzie always had an interest in spirituality starting as young as childhood. She did a lot of self study, and eventually became immersed in yoga as a teenager. She became a yoga instructor, and she taught classes through her college years. Both yoga and chiropractic helped empower her and transform her life. She realized that her calling was to inspire and empower others. 

While in her chiropractic practice, she had many spontaneous awakening experiences, including multiple kundalini rising experiences, and she had repetitive visions of how to work with her patients energetically.

With the permission of her patients, she started to practice energy work, and they also had spontaneous kundalini awakening experiences in her office. 

Dr. Stanzie discovered that she has the gift of Shaktipat, which is the ability to do a transmission of spiritual energy to help others awaken and heal. 

This is what she offers in her alignments, programs and retreats.


When she's not on stage, Dr. Stanzie enjoys walking on the beach with her dog, singing, dancing, traveling, horseback riding, acrobatics, and swimming.

She is currently living in Hawaii, but she has also recently lived in Australia and Bali.