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3 Steps to Prep for Abundance

If you haven't noticed, the collective energy of the world is not so great right now...Generally it's in fear, stress, anxiety, and scarcity.

This is a normal response in times of challenge.

However, sitting in the fear or stress response is NOT good for the body. Many studies show that sustained stress hormones can significantly reduce your immune function and well-being.



We can only do so much about the external world situation,

but we can fully take control of our inner world!

The more people can shift from Fear to Faith the better.

I don't mean Faith in the religious sense, but Faith in oneself.

Faith in the ability to create your own reality. 


The other day, I shared in my free Abundance Activation

that this is the perfect time to get FOCUSED

on what you want feel AND what you want to experience in life.

You may not be able to take full action right now due to a lockdown,

BUT you can start to take action on the abundance momentum! 


#AbundanceMomentum is a hashtag that we created in my online course last week! We have been building up the abundance momentum

by working on our inner worlds and focusing on what we want to manifest in the future. 


Because what we focus on naturally manifests into material reality. 


In fact, taking a PAUSE is an important key to manifesting, because when you are pausing you can get super focused...

instead of getting distracted by your day-to-day busy-ness or work.



Here are the 3 Steps to Prep for Abundance:


1) FOCUS - Get clarity on your ideal life. Don't hold back. Write it down.


2) FEEL - How do you want to feel as a baseline? Happy, Joy, Free, etc...


3) FIND - Find out whatever is blocking you and release it.


The last step is where the deeper healing work comes in handy.

There are tons of mindset and positive thinking teachers out there,

but clients often tell me that they haven't made progress fast enough with the mindset alone.


This is because they are not working on the deeper layers.

So my clients find that once they release these deeper energetic blocks through my healing processes, then they can start to easily access the good feelings and manifest the next level of life they want. 





That said, right now is the BEST time to start working on a deeper level... There's more time than ever to do so, and everything is changing so it gives space for people to start claiming something new for the future!


I have the perfect tool to help at this time.

It's the Align to Abundance Online Course.

I just reopened the registration so that people can start doing the deeper work to move through whatever is blocking them from taking life to the next level. 


Do you want to be a dud sitting around during this time of lockdown, and then have to play catch-up when everything starts moving again?

I hope not!


This is a time where you can start getting the #AbundanceMomentum going, and put into motion the ENERGY of your visions,

work on your inner state, and to let go of all the garbage that you've been hanging onto for wayyy toooo long! 

(I don't mean the garbage in your trash can,

I mean the garbage patterns, beliefs, and energy that hold you back from being your best self! Buhhh Bye!!)


Join us for the next round of Align to Abundance


Registration is open until Sunday Midnight EST. 

Don't miss out and regret it later! That's the worst feeling!


Click Here to Register!

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