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444 Global Meditation for Healing and Peace REPLAY

A powerful healing meditation for the 444 global meditation for peace to eradicate the coronavirus covid-19.

I modified the suggested meditation using only positive words and intentions with singing bowl accompaniment.

Watch this replay to continue to tune-into the high vibration that is being channeled, and to continue the positive energy into the future.

Astrologically, there's an important shift happening with Jupiter conjunct Pluto 2020 that is causing for a pivotal shift in energy to release the old negative patterns to ascend into creation of more light on the planet.

Also, 444 is an angel number representing that the angels are with us at this time helping us to rise above challenges. May you find peace within yourself as you do this meditation.

Please share to keep the positive energy flowing.

Also, join us for more free global meditations for positive energy, healing, and abundance. The next one will be on Tuesday for the Full Moon in Libra.

You can find more info and register here: https://stanzielangtree.com/pages/free-abundance-activation 

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