Abundance... A State of Being.

Abundance... A State of Being.

I think back to my days as a chiropractor, and I remember how often I would tell people they were in "survival mode". It's amazing how the spine shows evidence of this pattern through stiffness, a hunchback, inflammation, and tissue breakdown.
Then when I started to work with people as an energetic healer, I would notice how this same survival pattern would decrease the person's ability to have clarity, experience love, and manifest.  Bummer.
From the beginning of time, humans have been programmed in their neurology to be in survival mode... Aka. the reptilian brain.
The funny thing is that we all survived! Yet we still live in a subconscious fear of lack and scarcity. I have worked with multi-millionaires and billionaires who still have this program running the show. How can this be?!
It seems that having unlimited resources isn't the cure to feeling abundant.
So what's the truth?

The TRUTH is that abundance is a feeling, an experience, and a perception. Our entire reality is created from our thoughts and feelings. Most people have been living old patterns of scarcity most of the time... so this is what they experience. This is why multi-millionaires can still feel lack when they have material abundance.

We have to consciously choose abundance... Abundance has to first be cultivated within, and when you feel abundant in yourself, then you can manifest it easily into material reality. The great thing is that when you master abundance within, creating it into material reality is much easier!

Do you want to create abundance the hard way or the easy way? It's your choice. 

I'm launching my online abundance course this week! Stay tuned for my next email where you can register and learn how to manifest abundance easily and develop more connection to yourself in the process. :D 

If you are in Australia, join us in Sydney for Abundantly Aligned! It will be a mega energetic upgrade for you to tune into abundance quickly and easily!

See you there!

Dr. S 


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