Alignment is the Key to an Abundant Life

Alignment is the Key to an Abundant Life

We all grow up in an environment that is constantly shaping us... Family, friends, school, society, social media, culture, religion... You name it! There are so many suggestions and "rules" out there telling us how to live!
Did the creator of these rules really take into consideration what's in alignment for you? NO.
And then we wonder why there's so much stress, disease, and dysfunction in our communities! Psh!

Even parents, who supposedly have your best interest in mind, told you to act and live a certain way. Depending on your conscious AND subconscious choices, you probably ended up doing what they suggested OR repeated their patterns in your life. Gasp!

So let's get real, who are you really?! AND is your life happening easily or is it a daily grind with a lot of effort?
Sigh... I'd say most people would agree with the latter.

That's why I ALWAYS harp on about being in ALIGNMENT. It's a state of being, it's a conscious choice, and it's an energy.

When you're in alignment life gets easier...
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