What does it mean to be abundant?

What does it mean to be abundant?

Many people say that I am living the dream... but it all depends on your perception! What exactly does it mean to be "living the dream"? Whose dream is it?

Let me share with you a bit more...
I just got back from a tour to Dubai, USA, and Morocco... Then I went straight to a charity ball in Sydney, Australia at the end of it all...  Over the past month, I spent time with celebrities and politicians... I experienced fine dining, fabulous hotels, and many different cities...Many people would consider this to be "living the dream"... Actually, NOT REALLY!


What I can tell you is that the dream is up to you. It's up to what makes you happy and fulfilled. From my experience of working with many wealthy "abundant" people, they aren't always happy. In fact, they often still live in fear of not having enough, and they are still seeking happiness through material means or achievement. Some of the wealthiest people can be the poorest inside.

Abundance and happiness is a feeling that must be found and activated within yourself regardless of circumstance. Often when you cultivate that abundance inside, then it manifests into physical reality. Also, when you are feeling abundant, you don't feel so attached to material things anyways! That's been my experience. :D

So let's get real... What is your dream and how can you live it right here and now? What makes you feel truly abundant? 


True abundance is a state of being, and it can be experienced regardless of your income, status, likes, appearance or material things.



Get this...

The greatest abundance comes from your connection to source energy and how you overflow this energy through your authentic expression...
And ultimately share that with others.

When you do this, the universe provides more than you can dream of! Whether it is financially, in connection to others, opportunity, or bliss! 

This is the secret to abundance, but it requires a conscious path. It requires self development and growth. It requires dedication to your connection to source.

This is the path to fulfillment and abundance. Will you join me?

Love and Light.

Dr. Stanzie xoxo

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