Blue Moon Halloween - Free Meditation

Did you know that we are having a second full moon this month?
It's an unusual occurrence and it's called the Blue Moon!
Hence, the statement "Once in a Blue Moon"…
and we are definitely experiencing it at an unusual time right now.
This full moon will be intense... 
so put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride.
You might be feeling it already! I am!
Combined with mercury retrograde,
let's just say that shit might hit the fan…
If it hasn't already! Hah!
I know it has for me!
As you know, I recently moved into my new house in Hawaii,
and everything has been going well so far…
until I decided to start decorating the other day…
I have some shelves in my living room
that suddenly went crashing down to the floor
on top of my crystal singing bowls!
Let's just say I cried…a lot.
Fortunately, a few of my bowls survived the accident,
but my favorite one didn't… 😫
I definitely went through all the emotions of losing this bowl
as if I had lost someone dear to me!
It made me realize that I needed to release some emotions
that had been pent up from this year!
Losing my home base, ending of a relationship,
not being able to get to my dog or my things in other countries...
There has been so much change, uncertainty,
and loss that has happened...
It all came flowing out with tears and anguish,
but after the process, I feel more clarity and focus.
This is the power of healing and emotional release.
(If you need help with emotional release, contact me.)
I'm sure there are many more lessons and learnings 
as we approach this really intense time
of the full moon on Saturday.
If you're feeling stress or inner turmoil
with all that's happening right now
then join us for the FREE global meditation online
for the Blue Moon...which happens to be on Halloween!
Is that spooky or what?!
I've decided to call this a Halloween party too!
If you are feeling festive,
then dress up in your favorite Halloween attire!
It's going to be fun, hilarious, and elevating!
This is a free global event,
share it with family and friends!
Let's raise the vibes together on this very special day!

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