Corona Virus - How to deal with it!

Corona Virus - How to deal with it!

Hey Tribe!


Interesting times in the world right now... 

The isolation and world crisis has certainly led

to collective and self re-evaluation.


Here's a fun fact:

I remembered from my science classes 

that the word corona means CROWN.

Here's straight from the dictionary... 


a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.


So I'd like to think that we are finding ways

to put on our crowns... and come into

sovereignty of ourselves. :D


In my opinion, this is a time to work the foundations.

Whether it's on an individual level or

in structures of society and the world. 


Yesterday, I was looking out my window,

and I saw a tree that had been knocked over.

It seemed funny to look at, because it was a

medium sized tree, so you wouldn't expect it 

to have fallen over so easily!

However, I noticed the roots were very small,

so it was apparent that the tree was not

supported by it's roots.


This is no different from what's

happening right now.

The roots have not grown deep enough

to support this time of rapid change.


That's said, we have the gift of being 

in isolation to go inward and discover

what do I want the foundation to be

for the next years of my life?


I invite you to reflect on this during meditation.


That said, 

it's a good time to practice

rising above the external chaos,

and claiming what you want to experience

within yourself... and practice that fiercely.


This is a time to practice your 

INNER foundation. 

What do you want to be your baseline 

experience of life?


Do you want to spend your time in insolation

as joyful or in fear? 

It's up to you.


There are more key points that I 

want to share with you all regarding

how to navigate this time. 

I will be going LIVE TODAY to 

share more about my intuitions

for this time, AND I will guide you

through a quick meditation to help you

tune-in to a higher vibration 

so it's easier for you to choose a better

inner state.


How's that sound?


I will be going live on Facebook and

Instagram today. 



2pm PST

5pm EST

11pm Paris

8am Sydney/AEST

6pm Brazil


Remember to show up!

It only works if you are present! :D


Here are the links to Facebook and Instagram:


See you there!


Dr. S


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