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Fear of Rejection - Part 2

 Did you read my last blog about fear of rejection?

Today, I want to emphasize that fear of rejection

can distract you from your life purpose

and makes it hard to live authentically.


For example, when I was a chiropractor,

I was playing by the rules and following the protocols.

I was always practicing and perfecting my skills

which led me to be a very effective chiropractor.

I was proving myself to the world through knowledge.


However, I was also receiving feelings, intuitions,

visions, and ideas on how to help people with energy.

BUT I was a Network chiropractor,

and it was not acceptable to mix energy with chiropractic.


After years of self-discovery, healing, transformation,

and learning about the spiritual path...

I couldn't resist my intuition any longer.

I started listening to my soul

that was speaking very loudly to me!


I started to trust in these visions,

and what I found was that the intuitive guidance

was much more effective than

the traditional chiropractic techniques.


Once I stepped out of this box,

my clients were amazed at how powerful the sessions were...

and everything started to accelerate in my life.

My business was getting more successful from referrals,

I started working on celebrities,

and I was living an amazing life

that I didn't think was possible!


The KEY ingredient was doing the self-discovery

and deeper healing work so I could confidently

move past fears that were holding me back.


If you don't get to know yourself,

then you might continue to create businesses,

relationships, and go down paths that are not aligned. 

That's a lot of time and energy potentially wasted.


Don't live someone else's dream.

Live your own.


What I have found is that the more I go outside of the box,

the more I dig in and do self-healing,

the more I trust and surrender,

the more I sing my own tunes,


the more I find clarity on my purpose, my authentic expression,

and most of all joy!


If you really want to live an authentic life with purpose,

then you have to dig deep, 

move beyond fear,

and ALIGN to your path.

That's where you find joy and fulfillment.


In my online course, I take you through my unique

and effective processes to discover your purpose

through self-healing and alignment.

It works fast and efficiently!


If you have not registered yet,


This online course is a game-changer that will change your life.


However, you have to choose it. 

No one can find your purpose for you.

You have to dig deep.

I believe in you! You can do it!


You can register for the online course until TONIGHT Midnight EST:


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Due to so many requests,

I have reopened access to the replay

of my Free Webinar from last week.


Click here for the Free Webinar Replay!  

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If you are already in the online course, let me know how it's going for you!

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