From Doctor to Energetic Healer

From Doctor to Energetic Healer

Who knew that I would end up here?!

Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian, and my biggest goal in life was to have a vet practice and a ranch with horses. I thought this would take most of my life to accomplish... Not that this is a bad vision, but that was all I thought was available to me... 💁‍♀️

My soul had a different calling! 🤩

I never imagined it possible to travel the world, genuinely enjoy my career, work from anywhere, and have a community of global clients #soultribe... let alone work with celebrities or experience the finer things in life. All before the age of 30! Wow, just wow!

Your calling or higher purpose in life might be different from your plans. The plans and structures are often made from the mind... The mind's main purpose is to help you survive and fit in with the culture. This doesn't always align with what is true for you, and it often limits your potential.

It's never too late to tune into your calling.

Your higher purpose can only be discovered by you. This is what the spiritual path and healing is all about... discovering the real YOU and letting go of what isn't you. Can I get a hell ya!?!

Feeling called to this path? Join us in Hawaii for my 6 day immersion retreat to discover and awaken the truth of your higher purpose.

Message me for a pre-retreat interview.


Dr. Stanzie Langtree started as a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. Through her spiritual journey, she discovered her energetic gifts and created the Energetic Alignment. Now she travels the world as an international speaker, and she works with celebrities and leaders globally. She shares her energetic gifts through spiritual programs, retreats, and online. You can experience the Energetic Alignment with Dr. Stanzie online or in person at her spiritual immersion programs. For more information on retreats and Energetic Alignments, check out

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