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Full Moon in Libra April 2020 - Pink Super Moon

We are approaching the Pink Super Moon in Libra tomorrow!

The moon won't actually be pink, but it will appear larger than usual.

Libra represents finding balance and harmony.

Also, it is about healthy relationships. 


The full moon means it is fully illuminated,

thus it highlights different parts of ourselves. 

Also, the full moon amps up the energy and emotions,

so it's a great time to heal and 

release what is no longer in alignment.

I like to do meditation and ritual on the full moon

to tune-in and honor myself, source, and the earth. 


Here are 3 Healthy Things To Do on the Full Moon:

1) Bring Awareness to Yourself and Journal.

Write down what you are ready to let go of...

You can then burn this list or tear it up to represent letting it go.

Then call on gratitude for being able to let this go

so you can choose to live a better life. 


2) Meditate and Feel your Emotions.

Meditate on your breath and just be present.

Feel into your body and sense what is there.

Allow any emotions to flow without judgement.

Accept yourself in all of the feelings and sensations

without a mental story.

Then bring love and compassion to yourself.


3) Gratitude and Celebration.

Practice gratitude and express gratitude

for the small things and the big things you have in life.

Then celebrate life itself, the beauty of nature,

and the blessings that mother earth offers to us.

Give yourself a treat... Maybe a piece of chocolate

or something that soothes your soul.


Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


However, you don't have to do it alone...

I will be having my global FREE Abundance Activation

tomorrow for the Full Moon!

And we will be doing the 3 steps and MORE!


The meeting will be held on zoom. Click Here for the link.



This 1 hour activation will help you

overcome blocks that are holding you back 

from living your best life.


This is NOT for you if...

- You do not want to change

- You want a normal, average life

- You are stuck in trauma stories

- You do not like to take risks


This Abundance Activation is a jam-packed hour

of high vibe energy and transformation that can help you

take your life to the next level even in isolation!

How about more Love, Abundance, and Joy

as a baseline for your life! Yes please. 


Share with anyone who resonates so they can benefit too!

{Forward this email or share the link}



The more people that show up,

the more energy we will create collectively

which helps to bring positive change to the world!




Session will be held on Zoom.

Link provided after registration.




Here are some time zones: (timezone converter)
6:00am Sydney (April 8th)
10:00pm Paris
4:00pm EST
1:00pm PST
5:00pm Brazil


Click Here to Join!

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