Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2020 - 3 Tips!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2020 - 3 Tips!

We have a powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse this weekend...

and it's all about Balance, Relationship, and Good Fortune! Woohoo!


As you probably know, the full moon is a time of heightened energy...

People tend to be more reactive, stressed,

and feeling mental pressure.

Add an eclipse into the mix,

and that amps it up to another level!


On the positive side of it,

it's a time for rapid transformation and healing.

It's a great time to release what is outdated

or what no longer serves you...

so that you can be aligned to your higher self...

which is abundant in all ways!


This full moon lunar eclipse will certainly be stirring things up,

and it will shine light on any extremes that you may be living...

Are you being too rigid? Too moody? Too stubborn? Too Impatient?

With self-awareness, you can come into balance and find harmony...

Inner harmony and harmony within your relationships and home. 


Also, this full moon will have some positive influences

from different stars and planets that bring

good fortune, opportunity, and new friendships.



I know it seems far off from what the world is experiencing right now...

but hey, let's ride this energy while we can!


Here are 3 tips for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Practice heartfelt communication with loved ones and friends
  2. Be open to signs and signals that could lead to abundance or opportunity
  3. Write a list of any extremes that block you from harmony and success ... and then burn it! 🔥



    If you're in Portland,

    You can take this energy to a deeper level of healing and alignment,

    with the Energetic Alignment on Sunday

    We will be releasing any stagnant energies

    that block success and love in your life...

    So you can live the abundant life that you deserve!


    💫What You Will Get...
    - Release Negativity with Energetic Healing
    - Self Love Processes

    - Clarity and Purpose with Meditation and Breath
    - Authentic Expression through Self Discovery
    - Elevating Sound Bath

    - And FUN!


    Click Here for more details!



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