full moon december 2019 with dr stanzie langtree feeling lots of emotions and change coming up for 2020

Full Moon Vibes and 2020 coming up!

Woweeee! Are you feeling the energy of this full moon? I write you at the peak of it's fullness, and I have been meditating most of today as I feel her waves of energy. It's the last full moon of the year and the decade! We are moving into our 20's, hehe, and it seems there's a lot ahead for us in 2020!

I'm living in Bali now (as of 6 days ago), and currently I'm staying in an area that is full of yoga, spirituality, and healthy food. Stanzie heaven!
That said, it's been a great opportunity for me to get refocused on my own health and wellness as traveling and working for most of the year takes a toll on the physical body! 

Last night, I went to a full moon ceremony and kirtan (a devotional chanting yoga practice). I could feel the energy of the full moon shaking up all that needs to be released in myself and the others in the group. The full moon is notorious for bringing up stuck emotion or unresolved issues. For those on the conscious path, it's a great time to let go of those things and move more into alignment.

This month's full moon is also symbolic of letting go of what has not served you in this decade and year... As we go forth into 2020, we can turn over a new leaf and start fresh with positive intention and creation.

Astrologically, we are in a time of evolution... internally and externally. Since I'm not an astrologer, I won't give you the report on the planets, lol! However, I do know that we have already started an energetic phase of deep psychological growth that will continue into 2020. This is reflected in the external world as changes in structures that no longer work... and it's also seen in mother earth as she is giving us a lot of natural feedback through climate changes and disasters. 

The key for us all at this time is to really step into our higher purpose, reclaim our joy and light, and bring that into the world through authentic expression.

May your new year resolutions and holiday season be filled with this light, and may you cultivate joy even in the smallest of moments. 

As a way to welcome the New Year at a higher vibration, my holiday gift to you is a FREE New Year's Activation on December 29th at 6am EST.
(Convert to your timezone so you can join the magic too!)

As I reflect on this year, I'm curious to hear from you, what are you calling in for 2020?
Leave a comment below!
Love and Light Always,
Dr. S
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