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HAVE YOU HEARD about the big astrological
shift happening tomorrow on April 4, 2020?
This is also a powerful day of 444.
First of all, you may be wondering where I got the 444 from...
In numerology, you can add up the numbers
of the year 2020 like this... 2+0+2+0=4
And of course, April =4... on the 4th...
444 is considered to be an angel number
showing us that angels or beings of light
are accompanying us at this time...
AND as you know, I'm not an astrologer,
but I do like to refer to it on occasion
and use it as another tool from my toolbox...
So there's some interesting things happening
astrologically tomorrow.
We are going through Jupiter conjunct Pluto
which has many aspects to be considered,
but in essence, it's catalyzing some
major momentum for change...
This is a pivotal moment for positive change...
Especially if we show up for it.
On an individual level, it's going to push you
to face what has limited you
or what you have ignored within yourself and/or life…
{you may be feeling this already}…
AND ideally, it will help you to
ascend to a better version of you...
Like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly...
This is a great time to CLAIM
a new identity that can serve you and others.
It’s time to claim your wings and fly.
I've been informed that there’s a global movement
for a self-led mass global meditation
at 10:44pm EST TOMORROW
to connect and ignite positive energies for this powerful time.
{I’ll put some other time zone options below.}
I’ve decided to do a LIVE video on Instagram
and Facebook to be a part of this global meditation.
My intuition tells me that I must do this,
even if it means staying up past my bedtime! Gah! 😅
I will be guiding a short meditation
in alignment with what’s recommended
for the global meditation,
and of course, I will help to channel in
massive light energy that is needed for this time.
Will you join us?
Will you step up and bring in this light too?
I know some of you are not on Instagram or Facebook
I recommend that you get a quick and easy account on Instagram,
it takes 5 seconds to setup this account…
OR you can meditate by yourself at this specific time. (not as fun though)
I’ll see you tomorrow!
Set your alarm if you need to!
You don’t want to miss this!
It’s so important for our planet!
I will be jumping on the live at 10:35pm EST
to do an introductory chat,
and then we will go into the FREE meditation!
Time Zones (Also, check out a converter for your specific location.)
10:35pm EST
4:35am Paris
12:35pm Sydney (April 5th)
11:35pm Brazil
Share this with anyone and everyone!
Let's get as many people meditating for this
significant time of change!
Here's a link to the global meditation information:
Find me on Facebook Here:
Find me on Instagram Here:
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