Goop! Why I left Network Spinal Chiropractic for my Life Purpose!

Goop! Why I left Network Spinal Chiropractic for my Life Purpose!

Exciting news and exciting times for Energetic Healing and Chiropractic!

It looks like we have been Gooped! A colleague of mine, John Amaral, has been featured on a new Netflix show called The Goop Lab. This is a series led by Gwyneth Paltrow where she explores different types of alternative healing. The really exciting thing is that it's bringing more awareness to the world about energetic healing and Network Spinal Chiropractic.

As many of you know, I used to be a chiropractor back in Portland, Oregon! Network Spinal was a really important part of my career, and I want to share about why I left this practice too. 

During my chiropractic career, I came across Network Spinal (NS) Chiropractic which is a gentle chiropractic approach that is very different from a typical chiropractic adjustment. I took a leap of faith, and completely changed my practice to do this technique, and it was awesome!  

First of all, it led me on a path of doing chiropractic from a new approach... Network Spinal is a very gentle approach of chiropractic, and it opened my mind to working with patients more holistically which is very different from the forceful adjustments of traditional chiropractic. 

Also, on this journey of NS, I discovered I had energetic healing gifts. At first, I didn't want to believe it, because I was always scientifically minded... I studied the sciences and did research in labs for 8 years! On top of that, I did a Masters in Sports Medicine while completing my Doctorate in Chiropractic! Yes, I'm that crazy! LOL.

When I started to get intuitive visions and feelings guiding me to work with patients energetically, my mind was resistant... However, I took the leap and started to trust this intuition... and soon my mind was blown away by the amazing results from the energetic healing!

Clients were getting better faster even after having chronic pain for many years…Clients were also improving in other ways... they were experiencing positive change in their lives too! They were getting clarity on life purpose, making better relationship choices, and attracting more abundance in many areas of life! I was amazed!

It took me some time, but I finally accepted and embraced my gifts to work with energy, to be clairvoyant, and to be empathic in a profound way.


It came to the point where I realized that I was no longer working as a Chiropractor, because the energetic healing approach was so much better! I had to decide to leave the identity of being a chiropractor for my higher purpose in life.

Initially, I was super freaked out, but I'm SO glad I did! 

It led me on a path of greater alignment with my life purpose, which means a life of passion, abundance, and growth.

I have been able to discover many new gifts and my authentic expression.

***The take-away is that you can get more clarity when you push the boundaries of your current identity. Life is about experience, and with every experience, we get great clarity and we can CHOOSE to be more in alignment.

Why do we want to be in alignment? Because that’s when life flows, synchronicities happen, and abundance is a natural state of being.



Leave me your comments on the video below!

I'd love to hear more about where you are on your journey! 


Here’s the live video from this week where I speak about the exciting times right now for Chiropractic and Energetic Healing! Woohoo!!!


Love you all!

 Always Love and Light.


Dr. S


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