all I want for christmas is you by mariah carey cover by stanzie langtree energetic healer and singer

Happy Christmas! A song for you!

Happy Christmas!

I wish you an amazing day filled with love, light, and joy! Christmas day is a celebration of the birth of christ consciousness, which is about unconditional love and the innate connection to divine within all of us. Also, It's a reminder that all humans have the ability to live a life of love, freedom, and peace when connected to divine.
May we take a moment of a appreciation for ourselves and all the souls on our paths of evolution and ascension.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the free New Year's Activation on the 29th of December!

AND...Here's a song for you!
---> If you didn't get the memo, I'm offering a FREE New Year's Activation on December 29th at 6am EST to help you get aligned and abundant for 2020! 
(Remember to convert your time zone!)

My Christmas gift to you!  <3
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