Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement, and the Swami Who Started It All

I don't often share things like this,

but I was really moved by this documentary

that I watched today online.


It is about a spiritual movement

that happened in the late 1960's-70's.

Although life was very different back then,

I feel we are in a similar place

where people are questioning

the structures of our world as we know it.


Regardless of your belief system,

I thought this documentary portrays

how positivity and love always wins.

May it be a reminder and inspiration

to those who feel disillusioned or lost right now...


Love is always the answer. 


When we come together in unity,

with positive intention and care,

we tap into something that is

so much more than the limited physical life.


During these unprecedented times,

Hold a clear intention and vision.

Stick to love.

Remember to practice daily.


Click here for the Youtube Video.




Have a BLESSED day! 

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