Healing is not just about you... It's more than that.

Healing is not just about you... It's more than that.

One of my favorite things about having a global network is when people from different cultures come together to heal and awaken. This is so powerful.. Here's why...

When we do healing work, we often think that it's just about our own individual journey... We do not take into consideration that it impacts so many others as well... When we heal, we literally shift how we show up... our energy state elevates, and we are full of light. This light is like one candle that can light many other candles... When we are full of energy and love, we beam light to others and light them up too. This will ripple out to all of the people they are connected to... This is how we make greater change in this world... Not by fixing or blaming other people, it's through our own energy state and how we overflow with energy and love to all of those around us...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

I'm really looking forward to this next retreat in Hawaii, because there will be participants from all over the world! Many of my clients in the USA have been waiting for me to have a retreat closer to them- so here you go! Your time is has come to Awaken Your Inner Truth!

When I work with people, I am focusing on them AND everything they are connected to... I am channeling energy to help shift the limiting patterns in the individual, and through the lineages and/or collective consciousness... That's why the Alignment sessions are so powerful... Because I am channeling some big energies to help heal and transform that person and beyond... Pretty cool, right? 

Start beaming your inner light... and find the beauty that can blossom from the healing path.

See you at my next retreat!


Dr. S


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