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How I Overcame Fear of Rejection


I was reflecting on my life today,

and I realized that most of my life

I had a fear of rejection and

this led me to think that

I was not a creative person.


Since I was afraid of looking stupid or being rejected,

I could not express my authentic self and creativity.

Creativity requires vulnerability,

and I definitely did not want to take this risk.


Instead of expressing myself,

I decided to try to be "perfect."

I would learn how to sing other people's songs perfectly,

be the most skilled chiropractor,

have the perfect technique as an aerial acrobat,

the list goes on...


I remember in school,

I was terrified to raise my hand to answer questions,

even if I knew the answer,

because I didn't want to take the risk to be wrong.

You get the picture...


With perfection, I would avoid being vulnerable,

and I could "prove" myself to others

through knowledge and skill,

instead of expressing my authentic self. 


In fact, the perfection squashed my authentic expression

and completely deadened my creativity.

It also slowed me down.

It was hard to make progress

when I was trying to make everything perfect...



Let's get real...


There's no such thing as perfect...

Perfection is created from the mind or ego.



It took a lot of healing for me to remove

these fears that blocked my creativity and authentic expression…

Especially for singing.


About 2 years ago, I sought many different healing approaches

to release the blocks to my voice.

I could sing other people's songs with ease,

but I could not sing a song of my own

or even sing tones intuitively.


Then one day, I had a healing session

where I was instructed to sing while playing my singing bowl.

I had so much trouble to even make a sound…

That the healer commanded,

"Open your mouth… let the sound come out!"


So took the leap of faith to do something

that seemed so simple but also so challenging…

I started to sing… a bit shaky, but I was doing it…


Then I started to cry,

tears pouring down my face,

because I was singing for the first time from my heart…

and it sounded beautiful.


It was like a dam breaking open,

and all the stuck energy of fear was liberated…

and I was singing easily, and it was flowing.


From that point on,

I started to offer sound healing using my voice,

and I even started to write my own songs and melodies.

I will be releasing my first single in a few weeks! Yay!

You will be able to get it on iTunes! Stay tuned!


I have found that the healing path is the

most effective way to reconnect to yourself,

creativity, authentic expression,

purpose, and abundance.


However, you have to CHOOSE this path.

You have to decide that you are ready to change,

to let go of the old fears,

and to trust in the unknown.


When you go beyond your fears,

you find there's so much magnificence

and abundance on the other side.


Are YOU being authentic in your life?

Reply to me!



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