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Intense Energy with New Moon in Scorpio 2020

🌙 Everyone is telling me that it feels intense...
How are you feeling? Tell me more below 👇
I have been getting a lot of feedback from clients,
and it seems everyone is feeling intense energy right now.
Are you feeling this too?
🗣Just breathe...keep reading...
Like I said at the New Moon Activation,
we are working through the New Moon in Scorpio.🦂
This is a time where the subconscious negative patterns 
will come up right in your face, and say "Hello!
I'm here! What you going to do about it?!"
🙋‍♀️What I have found on my own journey
is that when I'm cruising along keeping myself so busy
that I don't feel what's happening within myself,
then there will be a point where the universe puts
a challenge on my path to make me look at myself 
and work on any deeper issues that need to be resolved.
This is amplified right now with the New Moon in Scorpio.
A great time for self-care and healing!🤗
Now I prefer to be pro-active on the healing path.
To address the deeper rooted issues before
they start to wreak havoc on my life!
In the New Moon Activation,
I talk about how healing is the most powerful
and important step to manifesting a better life.
💫When you transform these old negative patterns and traumas,
you free up the energy to create a life that is more aligned...
with ease, flow, and grace.
❣️This is why I always emphasize healing to you guys...
over and over again...
because it works!
🌙Did you catch the New Moon Activation? 
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