new year's resolutions with stanzie langtree

Let's Talk New Year's Resolutions!

Are you ready for our 20's!? Hehe! 

It seems that some people are ready to leave 2019 in the dust, and start 2020 anew! According to astrology and the collective energy that I'm feeling, it looks like 2020 is bringing some major change!
My hunch is that 2020 will bring new possibilities if you are open to them... If you have resistance to change, that could be the hardest challenge of 2020! I recommend being open to the flow of life, let go easily, and embrace new opportunities.

That said, it's important to review this past year and decade...
What do you want to leave behind?
What are you moving on from?
I'll give you some suggestions:
- self-sabotage
- lack/scarcity/limiting thoughts
- being a pleaser
- judgement of self and others
- doing things that are not in alignment in your purpose
- doing or being with anything that drains you!

So what will you bring into the New Year?
What do you know is in alignment? What needs to be amplified?
Here are some ideas:
- abundance
- joy and inner happiness
- freedom
- clarity of purpose
- living in alignment
- self-love and compassion!
Can I get a hell ya?! 

I'm super excited to welcome in the New Year with YOU!
I am offering a FREE New Year's Activation to help you let go easily what doesn't serve you...and bring forth what is most aligned and energizing! 

Together, let's add some major energy and momentum to your 2020 intentions, visions, and dreams! 

If you haven't already signed up... Just do it! It's your last chance!

The FREE New Year's Activation is happening on December 29th at 6am EST.
(Remember to convert the time to your timezone!)

Share this email with anyone who would also benefit from this global setting of intentions for 2020!
Let's make this world a happier place!

---> Are you French!? You're in luck! Thanks to Cecile Amiel, she has offered to translate for you! What a MAJOR GIFT! Remember to thank her! 

Go Tribe! See you tomorrow on Zoom!
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