Life Growing Up

Life Growing Up

I have to say it's not always easy for me to be vulnerable as a leader...

I'm really focused on what I'm creating and how I can help people... 

That said, I don't share my story very often, because I feel in some ways it sounds tragic. However, I know that everything in my life has happened for me, and it has given me the drive to create, express, and bring more love and light to the world.

Here it is...

Dr. Stanzie Langtree started as a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. Through her spiritual journey, she discovered her energetic gifts and created the Energetic Alignment. Now she travels the world as an international speaker, and she works with celebrities and leaders globally. She shares her energetic gifts through spiritual programs, retreats, and online. You can experience the Energetic Alignment with Dr. Stanzie online or in person at her spiritual immersion programs. For more information on retreats and Energetic Alignments, check out

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