My work as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer

My work as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer

I am really excited to share this with you and SO GRATEFUL!

Sometimes it's hard to explain the energetic healing work that I do, because it's an experience, a transformation, and a liberation... It involves deep connection to self... letting go... and awakening to love and source energy.💫✨💝

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I cherish having this gift of channeling energy and guiding others through healing transformation and awakening. 💝It's a special gift that I take very seriously... 👉I am always doing my best to evolve, learn, and grow... so I can help people heal in the quickest and easiest ways... and to share the best tools to release the old, breakthrough, and awaken to the truth of who they really are.

✊It's time for us to all step up to our higher callings on this planet... and to live with love and fulfillment. 👇✨Can I get a hell ya!?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this video! I have so much gratitude for all those that I have worked with...and it's beautiful to see you shine your light in the world! 💫Keep shining. It only takes one lit candle to light many others!✨

Also, thank you for all of the support from my family, friends, and clients! You always inspire me to keep bringing light to this world! LOVE YOU ALL! ✨

This video is a way for me to share my gifts with the world, and I look forward to bringing more healing, love and light to the world! It's needed at this time...and it is done!

🤩💫💝✨ Watch and share this powerful video! Share the love!

Love and Light Always.


Dr. S xoxo


Feeling called to this path?

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Dr. Stanzie Langtree started as a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. Through her spiritual journey, she discovered her energetic gifts and created the Energetic Alignment. Now she travels the world as an international speaker, and she works with celebrities and leaders globally. She shares her energetic gifts through spiritual programs, retreats, and online. You can experience the Energetic Alignment with Dr. Stanzie online or in person at her spiritual immersion programs. 

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