Relationship and Abundance

Relationship and Abundance

Hello {first_name}!


The most important relationship you can have

is with divine... source... universe... god... goddess...

or whatever you want to name it...


When you are connected to the source of your very own life 

(the innate energy flowing through you and all around you), 

then you know true fulfillment.

You feel filled UP instead of empty.


I've heard from so many long term happy married couples

say that the most important glue that kept them together

was their connection to source, divine, or God.


When you are tuned into this Energy,

then you can't help but overflow

love to those around you.


Sharing a spiritual path with someone

would add to your already fulfilled life.

Never look for someone to fill you up,

because they will never be able to replace

the abundant connection that you can have to source.

Instead, BE the source of LOVE to a partner or others around you.


When two people come together filled up from source,

they can only overflow this to each other...

Which is so powerfully abundant...

So much so that any relationship vision

or co-creative idea can be amplified

and manifested with ease and acceleration.


Divine Union is not for those who want

mainstream status quo relationships...

It's for those who want to amplify

the positive energy within oneself,

the other, and through community.

It's a relationship based on service for the great good.


Does this give you a new perspective on relationship?

What do you think? I want to hear from you!


Sending many blessings your way. 🙏


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