Solar Eclipse + New Moon April 2022 - Love, Good Fortune, and Positive Change

Solar Eclipse + New Moon April 2022 - Love, Good Fortune, and Positive Change

There's so much happening this weekend on an energetic level,

and it's going to be awesome!


I'm so excited because I unknowingly

scheduled the Energetic Alignment 

for this weekend! Perfect timing!


 This weekend's energy report...


A partial Solar Eclipse, Pluto in retrograde, New Moon in Taurus,

and a handful of other planetary influences

are shaking things up in a good way!


I will spare you the nitty-gritty details of the planets...


Here's what to expect:


This solar eclipse + new moon is going to

bring about positive change

and give you a boost of energy

to help you align to your goals and dreams.


It will give you motivation to pursue new projects,

passion and sensuality in intimate relationships,

and overall good fortune!


This can be a great time to make new friendships or partnerships...

or start a new relationship.

If you're in a relationship currently,

it will help you evolve spiritually or emotionally as a couple.


If you have a new project in mind,

start it this weekend or within the next 2 weeks.

Take it step by step.

No need to rush it... but start it!




On the shadow side, Pluto is going into retrograde.

Pluto is about psychological growth and shadow work.

This means that any obsessions,

addictions, destructive behaviours,

control issues, secrecy,

bad habits, toxic relationships...

They are going to be up for re-evaluation and purging. 


This is a good time to make changes

that will help you be healthier and whole. 

This could involve detoxing your body with a healthy diet,

detoxing your friendships/partnerships by releasing toxic people,

and/or detoxing your own negative patterns and limiting thoughts. 


With the other planetary influences at play, 

these negative aspects will easily be replaced by something better! 


**Be intentional about what you want

in place of the old bad habits and negative patterns.


We will work on this at the Energetic Alignment this weekend.

I highly recommend you register

if you want to make the most of this important time!


 Overall, this is a time to raise your vibration. ✨


Take this time to do a spiritual spring cleaning on yourself and your life,

and make space for your more aligned path!


I'm excited to tap into this at the Energetic Alignment!


 Want to join the Energetic Alignment online THIS WEEKEND? Love & Light, Dr. Stanzie


Click Here to register!

**Only a few spots left!**


Love & Light,

Dr. Stanzie

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