Sounds Good For the Soul

Sounds Good For the Soul

Do you have a song that gets you into a better mood? Or what about that song you listen to when you are down in the dumps? Come on, we all have one! Sound can influence how we are feeling, but it goes deeper than that... 

Sound is a part of our human experience. We have been using sound for ritual, to express, and for connection for thousands of years...
Do you know what the first instrument is?....The voice! Hehe! 

When I discovered sound healing, I fell in love instantly. The first time I went to a gong bath, I felt so peaceful, relaxed, and renewed. It was such a rejuvenating session, and I felt that I was able to easily let go of tension. Also, I went on this long visual journey, where I felt like I was dreaming but still conscious! It was amazing. I had all of these downloads on how I should run my retreats and my bigger life purpose. So cool.

Sound has a powerful ability to influence the body, mind, and spirit. Sound is basically vibration, and vibration is made of waves...  This can greatly impact our brain wave activity, and depending on the sound, it can help us get into a deep meditative and relaxing state. These waves can also carry intention. When receiving a sound bath from a person who can channel energy, these waves can carry positive energy and intention into the cells of your body. Talk about an easy and efficient! Tune-up! 

I've been recording sound baths non-stop for the past month for my online course, and it's been fun to listen to the replays and receive the benefits that I normally give to others! Hah!

Here's a live video from today where I talk more on the sound bath, and I share a short sound alignment!


=> Just FYI, we created a French version of the online Abundance program, and registration is open for 24 hours! To be fair to the people who missed the English version, I've opened the registration again for 24 hours for the original course! You're welcome!
Register ASAP before it closes!

Love and Light Always,

Dr. S



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