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The Universe Delivers What You Need

Right now I'm in Brazil for the lockdown.

It's a funny situation how that happened.

I came here to speak at an event,

and it was cancelled the day I arrived.


At the same time,

Bali (my home base) and Australia (other home base)

borders closed down to people who are not citizens.

So the only option was to go to the USA

where I am a citizen,

but I have no home there other than

my family who are all high risk.


So I chose to stay here in Brazil,

enjoy the rainforest and beach,

and do my usual work from home routine.

All is well.


I couldn't help but wonder what is

the higher reason for me to be here,

why did the universe orchestrate this?


Well it turns out that I met a film director

while swimming in the ocean.

He was coming in from surfing,

and we started to chat.


Long story short,

I've been telling the universe to help me

find people that can make my music video

while I'm here in Brazil...

And there we go, Mama ocean delivered! 🤣🌊


So we start filming next week,

and I'm so excited but a little nervous too.

My first experience"acting" since high school.

Also, all the shops are closed

so we have to get by with clothing

and make-up that I already have with me!

🤣 Wish me luck❣️


How are you feeling during this time in lockdown?


I did a webinar 2 days ago on how to overcome stress

to live an abundant life. I know you will enjoy it.

Click here to watch the replay.

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