getting clarity about life purpose is through the spiritual path with stanzie langtree

When You Need Clarity

Many of my clients come to me seeking clarity... specifically on their purpose. It doesn't matter their age, life circumstance, or education... this question is... "Why am I here?"
As humans, we hunger to know the answer.

Many religions, spiritual paths, scientists, and philosophers have their ideas and stories about human life. I remember studying these various paths in college, and what I realized is that it's still somewhat a mystery... or even a jumbled up mess!

What I have discovered in the ancient yogic teachings and on my own journey is that the human mind cannot fathom the immensity of what is beyond this physical reality. Also, most of what we experience is made up in our heads, and there's so much more to the universe that we can't even see.

So how do we get clarity amongst the many layers of confusion and different teachings?
We have to discover it ourselves.
We cultivate clarity through self-discovery, healing, and growth.
I like to call this Inner Evolution.

I feel very grateful for having clarity on my purpose, but it has been a journey, and it continues to unfold...

Also, I'm very grateful to have the gift of a strong energetic connection to myself, the universe, and others.
It has led me to help people see beyond their limited perceptions by giving them an energetic experience that awakens their "vision" or 3rd eye.

When this happens, life is never the same, because there is a new perception of the self and universe... Life purpose starts to get clearer, but from a much bigger picture! 
Most people realize that they have been playing really small once they have this awakening experience.

This is why I emphasize the spiritual path, because it's about inner evolution to see, hear, and know much more than what we have been conditioned to believe. Moving beyond limited conditioning and subconscious programming is liberation. Who else wants more Freedom!? Say YES!

To to get back to my original comment, the clarity comes from your inner evolution... getting to know the truth of who you really are... detoxing the stuff that's not you... and then one day you start to feel more clear... you start to have a sense of what's true... and you start to live in alignment with that...

Then the more you live in alignment, then you get more clarity, because everything unfolds and reveals itself to you.
Life becomes easier and more abundant!
Feeling called to this path of clarity, liberation, and abundance?

As you know, I have spent years of study and working with people to help them get into alignment with their purpose. I have created a comprehensive online course to help you discover your purpose and attract abundance with ease.

----> It's up to you though... Do you want to keep searching in all the wrong places OR take the shortcut to discover your purpose and live an abundant in life?

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