Why you should connect to nature AND a free sound healing...

Why you should connect to nature AND a free sound healing...

Sometimes you have to go into nature to connect more deeply... I felt a strong calling to go to the mountains this weekend for the full moon. When we go into a more natural environment, our body re-aligns to it's natural state, and we get filled up with life force energy. Also, mother nature, in her wild state, has a lot of different earth energies that can download into your system to tune-up your vibration. This is why I always have my retreats in a natural environment! So excited for the Hawaii retreat coming up! It will be at the largest vortex in the world!

People often ask me if I can see the energy... and the answer is YES. In fact, I had my first downloads in a forest near Portland, Oregon, and I saw different colored orbs of energy with different healing properties. This is one of the many energies that I work with when healing and tuning-up a client or audience. Pretty cool, eh?

Here's a sound healing that I recorded from my weekend trip to the mountains... It includes energetic downloads from the Blue Mountains near Sydney... and listen up for the nature sounds in the background! So cool! 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

 Are you tired of feeling stuck? Is it time for a lasting change?

You need an energetic tune-up.

Join me in Hawaii for the next immersion retreat. 


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