Terms and Conditions

Services Provided, Terms, and Conditions for Programs
Agreement with Stanzie Langtree and her facilitators
As part of Stanzie Langtree’s programs (events, seminars, retreats) and/or sessions, you will receive and participate in her most advanced transformational modalities. Her programs and/or sessions will assist you to experience and remember the ease of your highest self, and awaken you to your higher calling and gifts to be shared in this world. Her programs and sessions are energetic and educational, and you will likely experience a greater connection to your inner wisdom. 
During the programs and/or sessions provided, I may experience a varied selection of transformative and healing modalities. Any of these modalities may awaken physical and emotional feelings, or memories. It is understood that sometimes healing during the transformational process feels wonderful, or ecstatic, and sometimes it does not feel comfortable at all. 
I understand that Stanzie Langtree will not be diagnosing, treating or offering advice concerning any condition - physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, or spiritually. The programs and/or sessions, nor any facilitator involved, including Stanzie Langtree, will not diagnose or treat any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptoms or conditions. Although the facilitators may hold other licenses or degrees, in this environment they are not functioning in such a capacity. 
I understand that I am responsible for all of my existing injuries and health conditions. I accept all liability and responsibility for myself during all outdoor/indoor activities, physical exercises, transportation, and excursions during the retreat which inherently involve physical risk. 
I understand and agree that the in-person programs (sessions, events, seminars, retreats) will include physical contact between myself, Stanzie Langtree, other program facilitators and possibly other program participants. Any physical contact that I have with the before-mentioned individuals, will be both voluntary and non-intrusive, and is for the non-therapeutic and non-palliative purpose of educating me in observation of my body, mind, and spirit. My participation in this educational process and program constitutes my agreement to this physical contact. 
I understand that the success of the sessions and/or programs involves client participation. I understand that without my full participation, I will likely have slower progress with less noticeable results. I understand that there is no guarantee or warranty for a specific cure or result. I understand that Stanzie Langtree reserves the right to terminate a practitioner/client relationship if a client is continually unable to comply or exhibiting inappropriate behavior. 
I understand and agree that my participation with Stanzie Langtree’s sessions or programs does not grant me authority to teach, instruct or perform the program material in any public or commercial capacity. I should treat everything taught in programs and/or sessions as proprietary information and intellectual property of Stanzie Langtree. 
I understand that I am responsible to pay the full amount for the services requested and provided. I understand that the first payment or deposit is my commitment to the program, and I am required to pay in full or over time based on the selected payment plan. I understand that it is my responsibility to follow the selected payment plan to its completion. I understand it is my responsibility to participate in the services provided, and I am required to pay the full amount regardless of my participation. I understand that any sessions, programs, and retreats are not refundable. 
I understand that portions of the program and/or sessions may be recorded through photo, video and/or audio, and I agree to allow Stanzie Langtree to use photos/video/audio taken of me for educational, commercial, marketing, and public relations purposes. Any and all of said reproductions are the exclusive property of Stanzie Langtree, and Stanzie Langtree is the exclusive copyright owner in perpetuity. I shall have no claim, right or interest to any of these reproductions, and my signature hereto grants permission to use any of said reproductions in any responsible manner, including but not limited to: publications, advertisements, web sites, and/or commercial products.
In consideration of my participation in the programs and/or sessions presented, I hereby release Stanzie Langtree, from any liability whatsoever related to my participation in the programs and/or sessions. I understand the information on this form and agree to participate with the intent described above. I acknowledge, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this disclosure described above.