A Retreat in Paradise

Oahu, Hawaii is known for it's astounding nature, Hawaiian culture and gorgeous beaches.

Step away from the daily grind.

Recalibrate your body, mind and spirit.

Are you experiencing...

Lack of Purpose and Fulfillment

- Self-Doubt about your Abilities

- Excess Effort Leading to Burn-out

Low Energy and Procrastination

- Feeling Unfulfilled in your Relationships and Work

- Insecurities around Speaking your Truth

Frustration about being Stuck in your Life

Fear of Failure and Procrastination to achieve your Goals

- Feeling Disconnected from Yourself and Energy

If yes, then you are in the right place.

  • "The Energetic Alignments were so powerful for me. The last one brought me to tears of deep joy. I feel empowered and have the ability to move forward on my path."

  • "After recently losing a family member, I was stuck in grief.

    I found myself again, and the retreat changed my life!

    Dr. Stanzie is an amazing healer and human being."

  • "If you feel inclined, just do it!

    You will be wrapped in love and fun, and you can take time to pause and step into your power!"

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You'll want to be there...

Some of the many benefits...

- Reconnect to yourself and Revitalize your Energy

- Heal and Release Negative Patterns, Traumas & Limitations

- Get Clarity on your next steps and Higher Purpose

Heal your Body for Vitality

- Develop Your Intuition & Inner Guidance

- Healthy practices and habits to Feel Happy & Joyful

Fulfill your Goals with Ease

Confidence to be your Authentic Self

Awaken & Connect to More Energy to Raise your Vibration

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for transformation and awakening...

OAHU, Hawaii Retreat, JUNE 6-11

All-Inclusive Spiritual Retreat


  • Serene Accommodation at a private retreat center situated in the heart of a natural paradise nestled amongst the mountains and minutes to the beach.
  • Epic Excursions to white sand beaches, sacred ancient sites, nature hikes, lava tube, Buddhist temple and ocean snorkeling adventures!
  • New Moon Fire Ceremony to set your intentions for new beginnings.
  • Hawaiian Ceremony to gain wisdom from the Hawaiian traditions.
  • 3 Energetic Alignments for hands-on healing, breakthroughs, and kundalini awakening.
  • Multiple Energy Transmissions & Activations to activate a higher frequency in your body, mind, and energy field.
  • Shaktipat Energy Blessing to expand your consciousness and intuition.
  • Direct Intuitive Guidance from Dr. Stanzie to assist you on your path.
  • Manifesting workshop to accelerate your dreams and goals.
  • Channeling workshop to learn how to tap into energy and higher guidance.
  • Soul Purpose workshop to get clear on your purpose and how to take action.
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Baths to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.
  • Breathwork to release tension in the body, release, and heal trauma.
  • Mantra to tap into higher frequencies and higher consciousness.
  • Mindfulness Practices to help you relax, center, and navigate life with ease.
  • Yoga & Movement Practices to revitalize and connect to your body.
  • Kriya Yoga to open up your energy channels for more flow.
  • Connect with Like-minded people on a spiritual path.
  • Beautiful, Serene environment to revitalize & rejuvenate.
  • Delicious Vegetarian Meals for nourishment and cleansing.
  • Explore Oahu and it's wide variety of natural beauty, ocean life and culture.
  • One Group Airport Shuttle to make it easy for you to get to our secluded location and to the airport.
  • Fun & Enlightening experience that will align you to your true self!

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Energetic Alignments to upgrade your body and life...

The Energetic Alignment is a hands-on powerful transmission of energy that awakens your kundalini energy & aligns your chakras.

Once activated, this energy rapidly moves through your spine...rewiring your body back into balance.

This leads to spontaneous physical healing, emotional release & often a spiritual awakening.

When the energy is awakened, it is possible to have spontaneous movement, emotional release, insights, experiences of bliss, and profound realizations.  

You will go forward Aligned with your true self, Energized, and Living your Best Life!

What people experience after the retreat...

 - Participants often experience more ease and flow in their lives.

- They have clarity on their purpose.

- They find it's easy to be successful in their endeavors and relationships.

- They move forward with confidence and authentic expression.

- They feel renewed with a joy for life... Fully Present.

- They experience a new level of health and vitality.

- They feel a deeper connection with themselves and energy.

Retreat Details


Price: $3,999 for All-Inclusive package excluding Air-fare.

Early Bird special ends on April 22.

General Admission starts April 23 for $4,222.


Private Retreat Center on Oahu, Hawaii

51-30 Huamalani Rd, Kaaawa, HI 96730

Retreat Details:

JUNE 6-11, 2024

There will be one group airport shuttle at 12pm to take you to the secluded retreat center on June 6.

Arrive by 2pm for check-in. Retreat starts promptly at 3pm.

Ends on June 11 with check-out at 10am.

(There are morning activities on the last day, schedule your departure after check-out.)

One group transfer at check-out takes the group to the Honolulu airport. Ideally, flights should be scheduled to depart from Honolulu around 2 pm or later.

General Schedule:

We will have activities and excursions every day from morning to evening.

There won't be time during the retreat to do other activities.

If you want to explore other locations, we recommend staying extra days before or after the retreat.

*Please Note: Hawaii has very limited resources when it comes to accommodations. We have been blessed to have access to a private retreat center. There is very limited space at this retreat, and it will be a smaller retreat than normal. Make sure you register soon before it fills up!  

The rooms will be shared with 2 participants per room (separate beds). 


More information will be sent in an email after you register.