Copy of Testimonials

The testimonials below are a range of experiences from Dr. Stanzie's clients and practice members.




"I have been seeing Dr. Stanzie for about 2 years now.  She is an amazing practitioner... "- Anita Brown




"Dr. Langtree is one of the best network chiropractors I've ever worked with...and I've worked with two dozen practitioners so far!
Beyond that, her space offers a peaceful and energizing place for healing, wellness, personal growth and transformation. If you're someone who's hungry for the next level of growth or if you're someone who's been stressed out and overwhelmed or if you're someone who wants to have phenomenal energy for life...Langtree studio is the place to go to regularly to get your nervous system (the software of your life) fully upgraded."





"I have found highly skillful chiropractors and massage therapists over the last several years, and each has helped in a different way. No one had been able to adjust a "stuck" shoulder that had been troubling me for several months, though. Within about two minutes of light touch and gentle motions, Stanzie dramatically increased my range of motion and reduced the stress on that shoulder. I strongly recommend visiting Stanzie, as she seems to have a special talent in helping the body find its natural state. I might even go so far as to call her touch "magical." That's how it felt, anyway."



"Dr. Langtree is not only an excellent chiropractor but also displays versatile talents including being a yoga instructor, aerial artist, and a sports chiropractic specialist which further ensures her understanding of human bodies and how they are taken care of appropriately. Along with traditional adjustments, she emphasizes preventative/rehabilitation exercises. She listens to your concerns/questions sincerely. I would recommend her to anyone- someone new to chiropractic or someone who wants to get more out of each chiropractic visit."



"I was so grateful Dr. Langtree was in NYC for a few days so that I could get treatment. It was my first network spinal analysis, and I can't wait for my next one. I felt less tension in my back afterward, which is important as a professional dancer! I get a little nervous about chiropractors since there is such a wide range of them, but Dr. Langtree has a vast amount of knowledge and put me at ease. Would definitely recommend her!"



"In my humble judgment, professional care takes someone who has an encouraging, pragmatic and wholesome approach to working with clients, along with knowing the field of endeavor to great depths. After being under Dr. Stanzie Langtree's care for nearly a year, I can say that she exceeds all those qualifications. She even offers classes which not only explain the subtleties of this work, but that also opens up her clients to even deeper healing. Because Dr. Langtree's practice is more subtle than most kinds of chiropractic care, the tendency is to underestimate its impact. Yet, if one simply gives her or himself to the principles offered and applied, the return is well worth it--quite amazing, really. Many thanks to Dr. Langtree for taking me down the road to becoming a brand-new, used man again!"

Dr. Jim


"Dr. Stanzie has changed our worlds! Both my husband and I have started working with her, and love all of the new changes in our bodies. We both had chronic car accident injuries that were keeping us in pain. But pain no more....
Dr. Stanzie has taught us exercises that keep us on track, out of pain, and now we live more energy rich lives! You will be happy if you give her a visit! Dr. Stanzie is very gifted at what she does, we feel blessed to have found her!"



"Dr. Stanzie Langtree is thoughtful and compassionate in her work. She has helped my body come back into alignment using techniques that have empowered me to know how to make sustainable changes in my life. I am grateful to have found her and recommend her treatments to anyone who is wanting to make positive changes in their body and emotional lives."



"Stanzie is one of the most positive people I know.
She is always willing to provide her knowledge, and insight.
She is very compassionate, and skilled.
I recommend everyone experience network chiropractic with Dr Stanzie."



"Dr. Langtree is a wonderful Chiropractor and I would recommend her to anyone. I had never experienced the Network technique before and I found it very soothing. I could also feel the difference after receiving treatment days after."



"Dr. Stanzie is wonderful. I've done Network Spinal Analysis in the Bay Area, and Dr. Stanzie's techniques and method, the information she gathers for each patient, her knowledge ... all excellent. And I recommend her to anyone who wants to make some emotional and physical changes in their lives."



"Love it here! Dr. Langtree is fantastic, and the studio is professional and relaxing. So glad I found this place- highly recommend!!"



"Dr. Langtree is awesome! The work she does is incredible. It feels gentle but is life changing. I've gotten so many interesting perspectives about my health and healing on so many levels. She has great energy and is a pleasure to be around. I can't say enough great things about her as a person and as a practitioner."



"Dr. Langtree is great! After being hit by a car in a cross walk, I went to a couple of other chiropractors in the Portland Area, and saw only mild success. She has been indispensable to my healing process."



"I'm a highly athletic gymnastics coach and partner acrobatics performer.  I use my body 7 days a weeks, and chiropractic care is essential to my operational health.  I have been to several chiropractors, and Dr. Stanzie is my favorite. Her office has the appeal of spa.  You feel relaxed, are able to drift off, and let your muscles to simply relax, allowing for necessary adjustments to be made.  She prefers using low force techniques as her primary method to address the root problem, which work really well." 



"I've been seeing Dr Langtree over the last 2 1/2 years and have received amazing care. I have my best days when I see her. Her chiropractic work is gentle, effective and powerful."



"I have been seeing Dr Langtree for about 2 years now.  She is an amazing practitioner.  I love her style of chiropractic care!  My body, mind and spirit have benefited immensely from her work."



"While visiting Portland I was experiencing pain and went to Langtree Studio for help.  Dr. Langtree is a very knowledgeable, caring, intelligent, thoughtful, and effective chiropractor.  If you are looking for a typical "bone cracker" she may not be your first choice since her method is more about addressing the root of the problem rather than fixing an out of place bone.  But, if you are looking for a health care professional with extensive knowledge and insight who offers a unique, individualized healing technique through a thorough understanding of Network (NSA) and Traditional Chiropractic I highly recommend Langtree Studio."  



"Dr. Stanzie has been such a treat to work with!  When my husband and I learned about network chiropractic she was the blessing that came into our lives!!   We both had some neck issues that seemed to be around and not go away with our other chiropractor...  But when we started to go to Dr. Stanzie and they did!!  Dr. Stanzie gave us some daily exercises, that support the work she does, and it is so empowering to be able to be pain free!   What a difference she has made in our lives... We love network!  We love Dr. Stanzie!"