Energetic Alignment

Get Tuned Up

The Energetic Alignment is an energetic healing program by Dr. Stanzie. She merged her energetic gifts with years of knowledge as a chiropractor to create this powerful, effective healing process.

The Energetic Alignment is an energetic experience with Dr. Stanzie in person or online. The Energetic Alignment includes sound, guided meditation, energetic channeling, and occasionally light touch to a person's energetic field and/or body.

This energetic application will tune-up an individual or group to a higher state of energy. It helps release limiting patterns, activate higher energy levels, and bring alignment to higher purpose. 

After an Energetic Alignment, more ease, clarity, joy, love, and abundance is experienced in life. Opportunities show up, relationships deepen, and old wounds transform to gifts. 


Dr. Stanzie is currently on world tour.

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