FREE New Moon Global Meditation for January 2023

I will be offering a FREE global New Moon Meditation on January 20th at 10:30am PST! 

(See below for time zones!)


We will set intentions and channel positive energy for an aligned 2023!

This will be a live interactive experience on Zoom.

(Valued at $111)


Want to attend?

Pre-order my new song on iTunes,

and send me a screenshot.

Then I will register you!


Click Here to Pre-Order.

**If this link doesn't work for you... try the steps below.




To Pre-Order:

  • Go to your App Store on your phone and download iTunes (NOT Apple Music)
  • In the App: Search "Stanzie"
  • Scroll down the songs to "Keep Me In The Light"
  • Tap the song and then tap Pre-order
  • Screenshot the confirmation and email it to me to be registered!


Why pre-order?

My new song will be released at midnight the day before,

and your pre-order will help it to get on the charts!

Let's get #1!


The New Moon Meditation is my gift to you for helping me do this!


Thanks for your help AND

I look forward to sharing the New Moon with you! 


♡ Love & Light, 
Dr. Stanzie



PS- If you can get others to pre-order, that would be helpful!

We need as many as we can get!


Time Zones for the New Moon Meditation:

January 20th


8:30 AM Hawaii HST

10:30 AM PST

11:30 AM MST

12:30 PM CST

1:30 PM EST


London, UK 6:30 PM

Paris, FR 7:30 PM

*Sydney AUS 5:30 AM on January 21st

*Brisbane AUS 4:30 AM on January 21st

Dubai 10:30 PM