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Join us for this one time special workshop on CRYSTALS! 

This workshop is for those who are seeking information on how to connect with and use crystals!

Everything you need to know about crystals... from what to buy and how to use them!

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This workshop is for those who seek:
- Greater knowledge of different types of crystals
- How to work with crystals
- Energy tune-ups and healing
- Empowerment
- Connection with the earth's wisdom

We will cover many topics:
- how to pick crystals based on energy and quality
- how to work with crystals
- how to use them for healing
- meditation with crystals
- uses for crystals

You will add another tool to your spiritual toolbox!

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Cost: $88 USD (Exchange rate applies).

Time and Space:
Zoom conferencing link will be provided upon registration.
7am-9:30am AEST (Enter your time zone into the registration below, and it will adjust the time zone for you!)

Part 2 for those in SYDNEY!


This is Part 2 of my Crystal 101 online workshop.

The Full Moon ceremony will be for those local to Sydney!
We will continue the crystal teachings and meditations at my home the following day after the online workshop. You will love!

Cost: $144 USD (Exchange rate applies).
(Includes BOTH online workshop and live workshop)

Time and Space:
Address provided after registration.
September 14th, 4-6pm


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