Aloha From Hawaii! AND Abundance Momentum Mastermind

I'm sending this email from my phone,

because I'm still waiting for my internet hook-up. LOL!

As you can tell, I'm still in the nesting stage,

and I am getting my house set up!


It's been a spectacular 4 days since arriving in Hawaii!

Every morning there has been a beautiful sunrise,

and every evening a beautiful sunset. 

Can't get much better than that!


So far I've done a lot of shopping to furnish my new home,

because I have to start over from nothing!

In some ways it's really fun to start over, AND

OMG, I didn't realize how many things we rely on in our homes.


After many moves and lots of traveling,

I have learned that minimalism is the best way to go!

It frees you from being attached to all the stuff

and makes it much easier if you ever want to move!

Also, I have found that extra clutter can block up energy in your house.


That said, my intuition says that I will be here for a long time.



Other than setting up my house,

I have gone swimming with wild dolphins twice! EEK!

The first morning that I went out, 

the dolphins were very far out from the beach,

but they swam in closer to greet me!

It was so special and felt like a warm welcome to the island.

I feel at home here.


Now I am setting up my new workspace,

so I can be ready for the Abundance Momentum

Mastermind in 2 days.  YAY!


For those who have done a program with me before,

you are invited to participate in the

Abundance Momentum Mastermind

which will be starting on Wednesday

(Thurs, in Australia)!


This is for people who want to accelerate their growth and success.

I will be leading the weekly sessions which will include

group coaching, manifesting, and Energetic Activations.

It's a great way to improve your energy state weekly,

and to be supported by me and like-minded individuals. 


It's the fast track to success! 

Join us if you are READY!


Click Here!

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