Collection: Energetic Alignment Workshop

This is for you if...

- You need more clarity on your life purpose.
- You feel disconnected, stuck, or blocked energy.
- You are unmotivated or lacking confidence.
- You experience repetitive negative emotions, thoughts, or patterns.
- You haven't achieved what you want.

This is a 4 hour workshop to help you release any emotion or negative patterns that are holding you back from being your best self and living your best life.

What's the benefit of getting your energy back into alignment?
More flow, clarity, abundance, inner happiness, and self-love!

"When your energy is flowing, your life is flowing too!" 
- Dr. Stanzie

Dr. Stanzie will guide you back into alignment and help you get your energy, joy, and passion flowing!

💫What You Will Experience...
- Breathwork to Release Blockages
- Energetic Alignment for Vitality
- Self Love Processes
- Self Discovery
- Breath, Music, Movement, Meditation, and Fun!

Are you ready to level UP!?
Say Yes!

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- There are often waitlists for Dr. Stanzie's events.
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